Nikki Dunn — Combining technicals with fundamentals for long-term trading

Episode 10 September 27, 2021 00:53:38
Nikki Dunn — Combining technicals with fundamentals for long-term trading
Smarter Trading
Nikki Dunn — Combining technicals with fundamentals for long-term trading

Sep 27 2021 | 00:53:38


Show Notes

Hello everybody, our guest today is Nikki Dunn, a trader, investor, and Certified Financial Planner. Nikki is the creator of She Talks Finance, a financial education platform to help people learn money in a fun and approachable way.

In this episode we talk about Nikki’s framework for picking companies and investing in stocks. She discusses the fundamental criteria she looks for, trading around positions, and the mental side of holding stocks for the long haul. 

We also get into the value that a Certified Financial Planner brings to the table and some of the optimization points active traders should think about like trading in the right account structures, taxes, and a lot more.

Please enjoy this episode with Nikki Dunn.


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What you'll learn in this episode

0:00 Introduction
3:00 Nikki’s background & evolution from day trader to fundamental investor
8:50 How Nikki interprets the macro environment
11:21 Fundamental research and the factors to consider
17:38 Portfolio construction, trade management & average hold time
24:13 Mental side of trading and holding onto trades for the long haul
29:35 The importance of a Certified Financial Planner
32:40 Who should be actively or passively investing their money
35:58 CFP tips: trader tax status, account structures, and IRAs
44:15 Buying short squeezes & starting as a long-term investor
46:45 How to optimize the mental side of trading


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