Brian Shannon — Swing trading stocks using multiple time-frames

Episode 9 September 13, 2021 00:57:43
Brian Shannon — Swing trading stocks using multiple time-frames
Smarter Trading
Brian Shannon — Swing trading stocks using multiple time-frames

Sep 13 2021 | 00:57:43


Show Notes

Hello everybody, our guest today is Brian Shannon of Brian started his professional investing career in 1991 as a retail stock broker and then quickly moved on to follow his true passion of trading, in 1994, which he continues to do full-time to this day.

Brian holds a CMT designation and is the author of the classic trading book: Technical Analysis Using Multiple Timeframes.

In this episode Brian reveals all of the details of his swing trading framework which he’s been perfecting for decades. He shares how he uses multiple time-frames, how he gets precise entries, and manages risk.

We then move on to talk about VWAP, common pitfalls he sees traders make, how he sets himself up to anticipate the market, staying objective, and a whole lot more. 

Brian is literally a fountain of wisdom throughout this entire episode sharing quote after quote of trading truths and lessons. 

Please enjoy this episode with Brian Shannon. 


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What you’ll learn in this episode

0:00 Introduction
4:10 Brian Shannon's early education and inspirations
9:15 Only price pays & why technicals and trend are so important
13:10 Brian's Swing trading framework
18:32 Anchored VWAP (volume weighted average price)
24:55 Impact of broad market SPY & QQQ influence
30:55 How Brian finds and selects trade opportunities
39:55 Trading other strategies and timeframes
43:10 Bad trading days and when things aren't going well
46:55 Common mistakes traders run into
49:20 "Buy the dip" & "this time is different"
52:58 Brian's new book and parting advice to traders


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