Introducing the Smarter Trading Podcast

April 19, 2021 00:04:12
Introducing the Smarter Trading Podcast
Smarter Trading
Introducing the Smarter Trading Podcast

Apr 19 2021 | 00:04:12


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Today we’re really excited to announce a brand new podcast that is going to be kicking off next week, called Smarter Trading.

Smarter trading is going to be a fairly classic interview style show where Evan sits down with professional traders that live and breathe financial markets every day, and in most cases have been doing it for decades.

We’re going to chat with traders from all different disciplines: day traders, swing traders, quantitative traders, fully discretionary traders, and everything in between, which means we’ll have a lot of different perspectives to learn from.

Every Monday starting next week April 26, 2021 you can expect new episodes to drop.

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 <inaudible> hello everyone. Speaker 1 00:00:06 It is Evan here from the trade risk, and I am really excited to announce a new podcast that is going to be kicking off next week, called smarter trading. Smarter trading is going to be a fairly classic interview style show where I sit down with professional traders, traders that live and breathe financial markets every day. And in most cases have been doing it for decades and pick their brains on what works, what doesn't, uh, stumbling blocks and everything else that we can sort of learn from as a traders and investors in kind of modern day current markets. So these traders are going to span from all different sort of disciplines. We're gonna have day traders, swing traders, quantitative traders, fully discretionary traders will be all over the map, which is going to give us a lot of different, uh, ideas and sort of insights from different ways to approach markets. Speaker 1 00:01:02 And that's one of the beautiful things about this business. This industry is that there are a million ways to sort of approach, uh, markets, and some might even contradict one another. You know, one trader might be doing something a particular way. They don't like, uh, this other, you know, technical indicator or approach to markets, but they both can work. If we're thinking about who's smarter trading's for, if you're interested in financial markets period, then this is for you. If you're a beginning trader just getting started, then we're going to have plenty of sort of introductory, um, lessons and education on how to sort of accelerate your, uh, knowledge and get up to speed to a more professional level. And if you are more experienced than, uh, we are going to have plenty of conversations that are pretty technical and require a good sort of market experience vocabulary, and just knowledge of sort of how markets work market structure works and all that good stuff. Speaker 1 00:02:02 I'm also excited to branch out of traditional markets and go more into the new frontier of crypto trading and decentralized exchanges and how to just tackle that opportunity, understand the risks involved, understanding, um, kind of the new rules that, uh, are in place for crypto side of things. I think that's interesting. I think that is gonna be valuable for, for traders that, uh, looking for more opportunity out there. Uh, then I'm excited to talk to a few folks in that space. So last but not least, if you just kind of additional reminders, housekeeping, YouTube, uh, clearly can find the video and podcasts being produced here. YouTube is going to be the best experience because we are recording video first. We're also going to be doing some extended cuts on YouTube. So we'll dig into some charts and, uh, on screen sort of sharing, um, at the end of the episode. Speaker 1 00:02:55 So that's going to take place on YouTube, but this is a podcast so is gonna be going out to iTunes and overcast, Stitcher, Google, all the good places to find podcasts. I hope you're as excited as I am, uh, to dive into this new series. We've had some great conversations already, uh, excited to get them out there. So every Monday, as you can expect new episodes to drop a YouTube podcast, smarter trading, make sure you subscribe. It's the first podcast you've ever done. So we're not, uh, existing at all, uh, in iTunes right now. So make sure you do subscribe there. And if you have any feedback, please let me know, podcast ads, the trade That's how you can send us feedback. And as always, you can go to each episode on YouTube, that's where the conversation's going to happen. So get questions for me, the guests, anything like that per episode, YouTube is the place to do it. Um, and you know, uh, hopefully we can get you those answers. So thanks so much for being a subscriber listener watcher, viewer of trade risk. Uh, really do appreciate it and look forward to presenting this every Monday, going forward. Thanks.

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