David Settle — Implied volatility is overrated - Options trading framework

Episode 8 June 14, 2021 00:53:27
David Settle — Implied volatility is overrated - Options trading framework
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David Settle — Implied volatility is overrated - Options trading framework

Jun 14 2021 | 00:53:27


Show Notes

Hello everybody, our guest today is David Settle. David started in the investor education world in 2004 with Investools. He’s coached hundreds of individuals on how to invest and trade the stock, options and forex markets and he currently holds a CMT designation.

In this episode we dive into David’s options trading process and how he uses a top down market posture approach to inform his market bias and trade decisions. 

We discuss some contrarian views David holds about selling options that I really enjoyed hearing as a fresh perspective. 

We then get into some very practical advice on a lot of topics like: being willing to lose on trades, not getting attached to trades, selling options, volume profile, trading earnings, VIX term structure, and a whole lot more. 

Please enjoy this episode with David Settle.

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